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February 20, 2023
Hello from Breezy at First Light

Hello! My name is Breezy Mayo and I am a partner with the team at First Light Books. Once we open our doors, we'll become fast friends inside our sunny bookshop/cafe. But before that wonderful day comes, I wanted to share a bit of my story and about why First Light is special for me. Like many of you I'm sure, I grew up in a mid-sized American city—Wilmington NC—and the place I went to for my reading was a magical shop called… Barnes & Noble. 

I remember I would ask my mother to take me there because I was pretty convinced that it was the only place I could request to go where she wouldn’t refuse me a purchase. 

I believe that books are unique in our culture because they contain so much more than they cost — the ideas and worlds contained therein are so much bigger than their pages.

Knowing the refuge I found in the corporate big-box stores of the 1990s, I have begun to imagine what a bookstore that is built around a community, could do. One that is built to help a place further explore its sense of self and imagine what it might become; one that is an expression of the people who come and go every day.

I think First Light Bookshop is going to matter to our city. Taylor and Robin and I hope that First Light will become a part of your life as an Austinite, that it will be your favorite place for an espresso or a glass of wine with your girlies. 

And like all the great bookstores that we have here already, Barnes and Noble included, we hope that we can make a place that attempts to honor and harbor all the worlds contained in books.

See you soon, 


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