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5/2/24 7:00 pm
Dr. Priya Nalkur: Stumbling Towards Inclusion

Join us in welcoming Dr. Priya Nalkur on Thursday, May 2nd, at 7pm to discuss her book Stumbling Towards Inclusion: Finding Grace in Imperfect Leadership. She will be joined in conversation by Dr. Richard Reddick, Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies at UT Austin. Tickets include a reserved seat and a copy of the book.

The manifestation of Stumbling Towards Inclusion begins with Priya Nalkur: a double immigrant and woman of color who has devoted her life to helping individuals become better, more inclusive leaders. For those who are wanting to learn more about Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Stumbling Towards Inclusion is a companion piece that enables leaders from all walks of life to confront their stumbling blocks and work to become the leader they were meant to be.


Priya Nalkur, Ed.D, a psychologist and leadership coach with a genuine and authentic approach, has earned her educational stripes from Harvard and Yale. She is the heart and soul of the RoundTable Institute, a pioneering force in inclusive leadership and professional coaching.

Richard Reddick is the inaugural Senior Vice Provost for Curriculum and Enrollment and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. He is an award-winning teacher and scholar, and has served in a variety of roles across multiple universities and departments, pioneering research and strategy in education equity, outreach, and community engagement.

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